Thursday, November 14, 2019

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Sweden is a country of many wonders. It has an amazing literary culture. The scenery is literally to die for. Sweden is a land of many hills and natural beauties. It is the home to many wonderful sports. Once you visit Sweden once, some say it is hard to not come back and even harder to leave. It is just an amazing place to visit or live. Sweden has a fascinating history. The Vikings from Sweden traveled in boats and carried out surprise attacks on enemies (Lerner 21). The origin of today?s democracy in Sweden originated from the Vikings (22). By the end of the 1800?s Sweden was in great economic danger. With an unemployment rate of one point six, Sweden?s jobs were in short supply (40). In the elections of 1991, Carl Bidlt became Sweden?s prime Minister. He worked to curd Sweden?s economic problems, and it worked (41). Sweden was back to normal in no time. Sweden?s economy is great. By most standards of living Sweden ranks within the top ten countries (Lerner 54). Industrialization did not take hold until the early 1980?s (54). Sweden has a large array of crops, though only three percent of the country is part of the farming industry (56). Sweden?s industrial sector contains one fourth of it?s population (56). Swedish firma are among the world?s leaders in computer-assisted design and manufacture (56). Sweden has a lot of diverse people among the society. Most of the people in Sweden are in their thirties to forties. Only a few are ninety or above (Lerner 46).

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