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Call Center Interview Guide Essay Example for Free

Call Center Interview Guide Essay * Support and provide superior service via phones, e-mails and faxes as a receiver and caller * Use questioning and listening skills that support effective telephone communication. * Use an effective approach to handle special telephone tasks like call transfers, taking messages, call backs, holds, interruptions, and unintentional disconnects. * Understand the impact of attitude in handling calls professionally * Effectively deal with job stress, angry callers, and upset customers * Use the most appropriate way to communicate with different behavior types on the telephone. * Apply the elements of building positive rapport with different types of customers over the phone. * Apply the proper telephone etiquette to satisfy various customer situations. * Apply appropriate actions to effectively control a telephone call. * Identify voice skills and how to enhance a good telephone presentation. * Meets commitments to customers * Other duties as assigned. * Display Time flexibility towards shifts as per work floor requirements Responsibilities of an inbound call center agent A call center agent is a person responsible for answering the quires of the customers in case of customer support call center. they are responsible to satisfy customer and maintain good image for the company What is Your Greatest Strength? * When Im working on a project, I dont want just to meet deadlines. Rather, I prefer to complete the project well ahead of schedule. * My time management skills are excellent and Im organized, efficient, and take pride in excelling at my work. * Being an accounting major student has shaped me to be an analytic person. I use to analyze things first before putting actions on them Job Interview Question: What type of work environment do you prefer? * I can be flexible when it comes to my work environment. How do you measure success? I measure professional success by the standards of the company for which I work, the feedback I receive from my peers, supervisors and subordinates. Personally, it is to know Im regarded as a diligent student and a good child to my parents Describe your dream job. I concentrated on my skills in accounting because I realized it is an area where I not only can make significant contributions, but I enjoy using my talent in a corporate environment. How many hours a day/week do you need to work to get the job done? I use my time efficiently at work and, for the most part, its not the number of hours I work; but how effective my time has been to accomplish the job. I’m more than willing to put in the time to be sure the job was completed as quickly and as professionally as possible. Weakness: I had difficulty with calculus this college, but I persevered with tutoring assistance and asking my friends for help. I used extra effort to understand the hard equations until I got it. Salary: I’m open based upon the position and the overall compensation package. Or Id like to know more about the responsibilities and the challenges of the job prior to discussing salary. How Do You Handle Stress / Pressure? * I react to situations, rather than to stress. That way, the situation is handled and doesnt become stressful. * I tend to prioritize my responsibilities so I have a clear idea of what needs to be done. This has helped me effectively manage pressure on everything that I do especially in school works What Are Your Goals for the Future? * My long-term goals involve growing with a company where I can continue to learn, take on additional responsibilities, and contribute as much of value as I can. Why do you want this job? * The honest answer for this question is that I heard that being a call center agent pays big on starters. I need a job where I’ll be able to help my brother in paying for my tuition. Also I find this job a fine opportunity and a place where I’ll be able to contribute my good communication skills and interpersonal skills Why Should We Hire You? * I know I dont have enough experience with this position, but I am willing to learn about it. You should hire me because I can assure you that I am a fast learner and hard working. I want a new challenge in my life to strengthen and improve my skills. * I know that I lack experience but I am eager to learn new things and I am interested in new technology. I am a self motivated person, and I do not lack self confidence. I have good communication skills and I am able to perform well with a team. * Because first of all I believe that this job is suitable for me, second is because I know that this job can help me to ensure myself a better future and lastly is because I need this job to help not only myself but all of the people who trusts my ability, including my family. Tell me something about yourself * I appreciate this opportunity to introduce myelf. My name is Eliza Nartatez. I am a 4th year accounting student aspiring to be a CPA someday. I like reading books and I love to spend my time with my computer, listening to music. I am simple, flexible, self-motivated and a person always willing to do and learn a lot of good things. I can easily adapt to any environment and I am easy to get along with. Contribute: I can contribute my organizational skills and my ability to work well in a group.

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