Sunday, August 11, 2019

Co-creating New Social Business Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Co-creating New Social Business - Case Study Example In some countries, legal constraints have been embedded in their laws where companies are held responsible for actions contravening set rules and regulations on social responsibility and sustainability (Brugmann & Prahalad, 2007). Â  In adherence to the above, one of the striking strategies employed by companies is the conceptual analysis. In the conceptual analysis, companies are required to provide quality value based services and sustainability approaches to ecological sense as well as business sense. Provision of value-based services entail responding to customers’ expectations and satisfying their needs. However, this does not necessarily mean companies have to conform to customers’ thoughts, wishes, and perception. Value-based organizations are more attractive to customers and employees are normally motivated (Brugmann & Prahalad, 2007). Â  On the other hand, sustainability approach is in very many dimensions. Some of these dimensions are ethical, economic, nature philosophical, and social. Ethical dimension dictates the moral relationship that is used to define the future ways of doing business and social dimension are geared towards social justice within the society. As for nature philosophical and economic dimensions, the vulnerability of nature is presumed by limiting its degree of interference for future generations while in the economic sense theories and practices are used to create awareness on sustainable development.

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