Monday, September 9, 2019

Law enforcement and counter-terrorism Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

Law enforcement and counter-terrorism - Essay Example Knowing what terrorists' aims and objectives will enable Americans to be prepared of possible future targets of terror especially in New York City. By using various research already done on the nature of terrorism and their targets, this paper intends to examine probable future targets of terrorism in New York City. This paper will first investigate why the terrorist attacked the WTC, why they like to attack New York City, Their aims and objectives, and possible next targets. It all started with an explosion that occurred on Friday, February 26, 1993 which devastated the public parking area of the World Trade Center located in New York City. The resulting blast killed 6 persons and dealt injury to not more than 1,000 others. This was considered by the N.Y.P.D. as one of the biggest crime scene they have ever encountered and the estimated damage was estimated at over half a billion dollars. Law enforcement agencies in and out of New York dubbed this as "the case of the century". This put N.Y. City in a grip of fear and panics ("The World Trade Center Bombing", 2006). This incident sparked a brand new trend in terrorism, one that involves the random and haphazard killing of civilians Dwyer et al, 1994; Myroie, 1996). 1, 042 people were reported to be injured in a more accurate account, and crime analysis has speculated that the terrorists aimed to kill more than 6 people at that time. It is also believed that the terrorist encountered several complications in the execution of the plan, and the damage could have been much worse if the circumstances were right (Parachini, 1993).The terror did not stop from that incident. History repeated itself on September 11, 2003 (now referred to as "9/11") when 2 large passenger aircraft were hi-jacked and collided with the Twin Towers again located in New York. The collision resulted in a massive fire and heavy collateral damage to the Twin Towers and other structures in the surroundings. Four of the nearby buildings in the WTC compound suffered irreparable damage and were eventually demolished. The next 8 and half months were spent on 24-hour cleanup involving thousands of voluntary workers. The effects of 9/11 is still being felt up to today, as a matter of fact as of 2005 a total of 2,749 death certificates related to 9/11 had been filed. The following statistics showed the grim and horrible results of 9/11: There were 13 survivors of 9/11, but they eventually succumbed to their injuries. The o ther attacks made on the Pentagon and Shanksville, Pennsylvania resulted in 3 more deaths in different States, one death each for Massachusetts, Missouri, and New Jersey. A total of 2, 749 people died due to 9/11, 77% were males (2,117) and 23% were females (632). Around 1,588 (58% of the casualties) of corpses examined were identified based on dental records, jewelry and other identification methods. The average age for the victims is 39 years old based on data that the average age was 38 years for females (range: 2-81 years) and 39 years for males (range: 3-85 years). Three victims were under the age of 5 while 3 others were over the age of 80 years old ("World Trade Center", 2006). This goes to show that terrorist will go to any length to sow terror in men's heart.

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