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What makes someone human The movie Nell Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

What makes someone human The movie Nell - Essay Example This film revolves around bringing Nell to the world of civilization and this is strange as Nell had never made any contact with human beings apart from her own mother and her twin sister who died as an infant. Lovell and Olsen discover Nell and they deliberate on how to help her and decide to introduce her to the outside world as the courts will demand Nell to be hospitalized for psychiatric examination. Lovell tries to understand the Nell and discovers that she is a grown normal woman who like any other human being needs love. The main characters of this film are: Nell, Jerome Lovell, Paula Olsen, Alexander Paley and Todd Peterson. The ability to love other human beings makes us human beings. Nell loved her mother and their existence in the woods was based on the virtue of love which requires proper socialization. Nell was taught by her mother how to love and treats her sister’s remains with love rather than repulsion as a result of her socialization. ... Her language of communication was different from the language of people from the civilized world. People from the civilized world considered her to have mental problems due to her mysterious language which was not the case. Their judgment was based on her ignorance of language, technology and other things which is wrong assumption as placed in a similar situation they could have been any different (Gazzaniga, 2008). Nell lacked a set of values which were followed by the people from the civilized world which are based on decency, discipline, morality among others. Nell skinny dives while Dr. Olsen dons a bathing suit with make-up and in the court room session, she makes an insensitive and misguided speech. Despite her innocence and ignorance to the civilized world, she existed very well in her home at the woods by her own values and this shows that human beings can exist without a set of values. Though human beings from a civilized world have their own set of values someone can live w ithout a set of values as they are determined by one’s environment and in the case of Nell lacked these values and still lived like other humans (Gazzaniga, 2008). It is possible that someone can be a human without learning how to love. Nell lived a life of solitude with no company apart from her own mother who later died hence learnt to live life without depending on anyone or sharing her feelings with anyone (Gazzaniga, 2008). She had been socialized by her mother to be cautious of men as her mother had once been raped by a man. She therefore existed without learning how to love as her home environment had no males around to socialize with. This is evidence by her experience with some boys at the pool where her ignorance and innocence is brought

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