Saturday, July 27, 2019

Corporate finance Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words - 4

Corporate finance - Essay Example Breakavia is a newly formed country. The country has been formed recently by splitting from earlier communist states. The newly formed government of this country has recognised that there are many advantages in developing a democratic country and forming capital principles to regulate the country. Government also identified that the country has enough natural resources like oil and mineral reserves and therefore, it can functions as an independent state depending upon these huge natural resources sufficient for sustainable development of the country. As a newly developed country, the government thinks to invite the European multinational companies to enter to this market and use the natural resources which lead to overall development of the country in terms of many areas like economic development and employment and many more. For this purpose, the finance department of the country has decided to develop a standard tax regime and banking systems which will provide low cost finance for commercial and domestic housing development opportunity for developing tourism industry in the country. The government is also aiming to setting up Stock Exchange in Heeritis, the capital of this newly formed country. Therefore, to develop corporate sectors consists of domestic as well as foreign companies; the government is seeking corporate financial advice regarding development of a standardised corporate reporting for regulating businesses sector in the country. For this purpose, the finance minister of this country needs advice regarding two important areas of corporate finance. First, advice for standardised corporate reporting development by adopting any existing international standardised financial reporting. Second is importance of corporate governance in business and as an important part of annual corporate report the companies. International Accounting Standard

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