Monday, July 29, 2019

Investigation of Beethoven's Symphony #9 Forth Movement - Ode of Article

Investigation of Beethoven's Symphony #9 Forth Movement - Ode of Joy - Article Example Further, the context of the fast paced increasing and increasing (Smalin 1). The music technique using several orchestra instruments, solo singers, and choir singing lively happy joy -generating song will better enhancement adherence to joyful living than listening to a guitar player playing in a lone street corner. The Ode_of Joy’s A major melody delivers vivid music meaning. The music affirms my belief that music helps alleviate the issues and problems of this world. Listening to the music of the Ode_of Joy music, people like me will accept the music’s concept that joyful living should be the priority of everyone. The Ode song Beethoven can become an emotional experience for the Ode listener. Beethoven’s Ode is grounded on the popular joy- emphasizing poem of German poet Friedirch_Schiller (Walton 314). Furthermore, the Ode Song’s happy and lively increasing and decreasing musical notes inspire the listeners to resolve all issues in a joyful manner. The Beethoven orchestra’s use of different wind instruments (including harmonica, trombone, and flute instruments) inspires the audience to enthusiastically leave the musical hall in a happy mood. Entering the theatre in a sad mood, the lively rise and fall of constantly changing rhythm and melody will transform the sad theatre listener to leave the theatre in a happy mood, eager to effectively resolve current issues and problems joyfully. The Beethoven orchestra’s Ode_of Joy’s use of string & wind instruments, and choir singers promotes happiness among the sad theatre listeners (Walton 314). Moreover, the Ode music form is orchestra based. The orchestra has several musical instruments. Notable instruments include the violin, piano, flute, and string –based instruments. In the case of the Ode of Joy, a choir and a solo singer contribute to the musical instruments’ playing the Ode song. As the song is played, the Ode orchestra musicians’ sounds are consonance, some

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