Tuesday, July 23, 2019

The Second Letter of Clement Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

The Second Letter of Clement - Essay Example While the other texts contained many that will pertain to the subsequent tagged anti-Semitism in the faith, Clement II was undeviating in its message.1 The major tone of it was salvation and the steps necessary to obtain it. It contains teachings such as we shall regard him with importance as it may translate to diminutive degrees if we consider him small. Demeaning Jesus Christ will lead to suffering and those who worship him will be compensated and deemed worthy of his grace. He is the savior of all mankind and with his kindness we will be void of our sins.2 These early writings that have contributed so much in our understanding and teaching of the religion today are virtually unknown to many who follow the religion. They have shaped and cultivated what can be considered the biggest religion in the globe today. Professor Bart Ehrman, a prominent figure and scholar provides for many of the recent explanations associated with these writings. He pronounced that in many times these writings are treated in various ways. The epistle of Clement II for instance is in so many levels a misnomer. It was neither written by Pope Clement, which is the letter’s namesake, nor was it transcribed by the same person who was responsible for Clement I.3 The erroneously attributed manuscript was considered to be a homily by an unknown writer. This is what Professor Ehrman refers to as a product of an inspired reading of the Book of Isaiah that is found in the Old Testament. This he adds demonstrates the varied figurative elucidation to shape it in such a way that the text from were it was adapted from can be rendered in a manner that it can move the congregation though it may be drastically diverse compared to the past.4 The sermon also made use of the book of Matthew and Luke extensively. Two of the most prominent books included in the new testament of the bible. Excerpts from the book of Matthew can be found on chapter 2

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