Thursday, June 13, 2019

Altria's Commitment to the Environment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Altrias Commitment to the Environment - Essay ExampleIt wants to switch consumers attention from the company for universe solely a baccy and alcohol company and show that it has serious environmental concerns so it pursues actions friendly to human beings. It would have been useless if these concerns were only ingredient of a public relations plan and were not implemented in reality.People, nowadays, have become more environmentally conscious so it is in the outperform interest of a company to show that it respects the environment and it does not challenge the various environmental groups. Altria has to show that it wants to protect peoples health and the best representation to show it is by respecting the environment.No, the commitment forget not offset the environmental issues with the tobacco company, at least not in the short - run. Each determination of the company made public will have an impact on its various stakeholders. So, a public relations campaign as this one wil l not bring the desired results if the rest of company decisions and strategy show the opposite. Even if the company decisions are in accordance with the environmental issues, still a negative perception of the image requires a lot of time in order to be changed into a positive one.Altria needs to be sincere with its customers and although it implements its environmental actions it needs to adapt its strategy as a company and become really concerned for consumers health so this requires a strategic change from the tobacco business and diversify its product portfolio accordingly.Reference ListHarrison, J.S., Hitt, M.A. & Ireland, D. (2001). Mergers and acquisitions A guide to creating value for Stakeholders, Oxford University Press.Kimmel, A.J.(2004). Rumours and Rumour Control A Managers Guide to Understanding and Combating Rumours. Lawrence Erlbaum Associates.McCall, J.B. & Stone, M.A.(2004). International strategic Marketing A European Perspective.

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