Monday, June 10, 2019

Coal Energy Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Coal heftiness - Essay ExampleMillions of people depend on it for their living. (Bisk). But because of the surd protests from environmentalists, it was difficult to process these coal energies for the zilch requirements of United States. This article argues that the cavalier attitude of ivory tower environmentalists towards the millions of working and middle class people who actualise their livings (directly and indirectly) from coal creates enemies of the environmental movement amongst the very people who should be the most avid allies of environmentalism (Bisk). It suggests some shipway of preventing the environment problems caused by the bear upon or extraction of coal thrust through coal liquification. It focuses its attention on the link between the worlds large coal reserves and the green energy movement.Energy crisis is one of the severe problems faced by many countries irrespective developed or developing. The huge population growth and the heavy industrialization proc esses made energy an inevitable entity for the modern life. It is unimaginable to think more or less a world without electricity or vehicles. At the same time most of the conventional energy sources like coal and petroleum are non-renewable energies and also the processing of these energy sources is creating lot of problems to the environment. Environmentalists have raised a huge protest against the injudicious processing of coal like energy sources.The article suggests that by using coal liquification process US can produce a barrel of oil for about $30. Even though this process may release more CO2 than the extraction and refinement of liquid fuel from petroleum the author suggests some ways to counter such problems. In his opinion the environmentalists protests can be reduced if the coal liquification process would liberate only half a ton of CO2 for every ton of greenhouse

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