Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Measuring Marketing Performance Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

Measuring Marketing Performance - Assignment ExampleThere is not a single measure that is best for measuring marketing consummation but three very famous measures of marketing surgery are return on investment, comparison of marketing price with result, and brand knowledge.Marketing Return on SaleMarketing return on sale is an important measure of marketing performance and determines that how efficient the firm is. It provides the deeper understanding of impact that organization has on its profits due to marketing strategies. It is a percent of unclutter sale attributable to the net marketing contribution. The higher marketing return on sale of current year as compare to prior year describe the positive performance of marketing (Ambler, Kokkinaki, &Puntoni, 2004).Compare the Cost of Marketing Activities with ResultsMarketers use the revenues - that are the result of marketing program - as a measure of marketing performance. For example marketing programs deal direct mailing and a dvertising develop contacts and some contacts has higher value as compare to others that depends on the number of responses. Marketing department compare the cost spent on each contact with the value of the result. If the marketing program results in increasing numbers of orders and generates greater revenue on per order thence the marketing performance will be considered good (Srinivasan &Hanssens, 2009).Marketing department is liable to make people understand that why the brand exists in market, how it is different from others, and what value it can deliver.

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