Monday, June 24, 2019

Bill Clinton Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Bill Clinton - Essay Exampleed States because the US enjoyed a relatively high prosperity during his term progressive laws such as State Childrens Health Insurance Program and agreements such as conjugation American Free Trade Agreement or NAFTA. Because of these achievements, he ended his term with one of the highest approval rating of all times.His presidency however was spoil with a scandal involving an intern named Monika Lewinsky between the period 1998-99 that led to an impeachment trial initiated by the House of Representatives and later acquitted by the Senate (, nd). The started by the was filed by Paula Corbin Jones on May 6, 1994 in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Arkansas when he allegedly made sexual advances to her when he was still a governor of Arkansas. Judge Susan Webber Wright however decided in favor of President Clinton on April 1, 1998 and a settlement was made on November 13, 1998 (, nd).The lawyers of Ms. Jones again presented witnesses to the lawyers of President Clinton to restrain the allegations against the Presidents pattern of deceit. It was alleged that Monika Lewinsky had sexual relationship with the President. Among the witnesses presented was Monika Lewinsky whose name was presented by Linda Tripp a confidant of Monika Lewinsky who was also a White House staff. Tapes of heterogeneous conversations relating Monika Lewinskys contracts with the President was presented. Monika Lewinskys lawyers however issued a sworn statement on her behalf in which she asserted that she had never had a sexual relationship with the President. To extract the affidavitI have never had a sexual relationship with the President, he did not propose that we have a sexual relationship, he did not offer me employment or other benefits in exchange for a sexual relationship, he did not deny me employment or other benefits for rejecting a sexual relationship (Rutgers University, 2014).For his pa rt, President

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