Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Health Law and Ehtics Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Health Law and Ehtics - Assignment ExampleTo facilitate and examine ethics in nursing and the health industry at large, this paper go away concisely will discuss the deep origins of healthcare ethical healthy behavior. It also seeks to analyze some of the ethical issues in healthcare among them, refusal to care, beneficence, autonomy, non-male-ficence and justice (Lo, 2013). good decision-making is crucial in the healthcare industry when it comes to addressing issues, conflicts and uncertainties concerning opposing values such as individual, organizational, professional and communal values. The ability to influence decisions on patient-care largely depends on the ethical guidelines provided. To avoid ethical dilemmas, there should be clearly spelt procedures and guidelines aimed at supporting ethical decision-making (Krueger & Stein, 2010).There are a number of epoch-making challenges facing health care organizations among them rising public expectations, growing financial pressur es, safety of patients, issues of quality improvement, mergers and consolidations, health care reform among others. These factors have placed healthcare firms under much stress and pressure. They have also intensified ethical concerns and conflicts. These challenges call for ethical decision-making by the parties involved (Curtin, 2011).Ethics is a very earthshaking field to an organizations mission as swell up as towards achieving the main goal. Health care executives and managers should demonstrate the significance of ethical standards in their birth actions as well as looking for ways of integrating ethical practices within an organizational culture. A healthcare organization should create an ethical surroundings by (Krueger & Stein, 2010)The capability of an organization to realize its full potential within the market place will largely depend on knowledge, motivation, skills as well as ethical values and

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