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Personal and Professional Development Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2750 words

Personal and Professional Development - Essay ExampleHSBC was recognized in the Asia-Pacific region as the institution that provides finance to the increasing trade between China and Europe. The HSBC crowd was first opened in Hong Kong and then in Shanghai. HSBC assemblys UK banking has been developing and improving from 1836. Acquisition of Midland Bank in Europe in 1992 has brought lot of pride, honour and reputation to the bank and this made the HSBC radical grow as one among the leading banks in the world. Imperial Bank of Persia, which was also known as Bank of the Middle East was acquired by the HSBC host in 1959 along with its 26 branches. This entry of HSBC group into the Middle East provided the group to enter into the wider, and quickly varying financial markets in the world ( HSBC group has well established markets in the South America as well as the emerging markets in the South and Central America. The HSBC group is categorized into intravenous feeding bu siness groups. These include Commercial banking, Global banking and markets, retail banking and wealth management ( The HSBC group provides HSBC Premier bank account for everyday banking accounts and services. The group aims at providing goop service in banking. Relationship manager helps the customers and gives tailor-made advices in wealth management, money management, preferential rates and terms, and globally linked-up online banking ( Other facilities offered include internet banking, environ banking, branch banking, and mobile. Through internet banking, a customer toilette have access to his/her account 24 hours a day ( HSBC group provides wide carry of products for accounts having personal banking. It provides insurances of home, travel, car, premier car, life, critical illness & income cover, and student insurance ( Special feature of planning is rendered regarding health & family, home & lifestyle, work & retirement, and p lanning tools. HSBC also obliges its customers finished online customer support centre that clears their doubts. Security centre assists HSBCs customers to have a secured trans follow up while operating online. It helps by providing security downloads, and secure chance on ( Task 1 a. Examine the benefit of self-managed culture to individuals and organizations and evaluate the various approaches involved. Self-managed or self-directed reading involves encouraging individuals to take responsibility for their own learning needs, either to improve performance in their present job or to satisfy their career aspirations (Armstrong, p. 560). According to Armstrong, self-managed learning has the process of recording achievement and action planning where the individuals can review what they have learnt, their achievement and their goals and action plan to achieve their goals and new learning which is to be acquired by them. The principle behind self-managed learning is that people learn, understand and retain the things they find out and helpful in improving their skills (Armstrong, p. 560). HSBC group moldiness provide chances for its workers to learn new things so that they can acquire new skills for effective job performance. Self-managed learning helps the people working in an organization to find various methods of learning things which are from the society or at the workplace. Learners are to be provided with proper guidance, proper material and information and help they make use of it to a maximum extent. Personal development plans must be

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